For Phone Bookings, Call us: 111 - CINEPAX (246 372)

Cinepax Limited is Pakistan’s first dedicated Cineplex Company. Our first site, the First Premier movie exhibition center in the country, is already one of the most popular entertainment destinations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Cinepax is dedicated to providing the best, international quality experience to the citizens of Pakistan. Our cinemas will draw people back to the “Magic of Movies” with a wholesome and family-oriented ambience, the best and latest movies released on, or as close as possible to, their international release dates and the most customer-friendly service in the country!

Now, with the addition of two new sites this year, Cinepax is set to work its “Magic” on Karachi and Gujranwalla as well!

Cinepax – Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi

Cinepax – Gujranwalla

Cinepax – The Mall, Karachi